• 2020 - Foundation of the Company


    In August 2020, Semai Aviation was founded with the belief that urban air mobility is the alternative solution to the problem of ground traffic in our cities.

  • 2021 - KOSGEB Advanced Entrepreneur support


    We received KOSGEB grant for SMEs with new ideas and innovations in science and technology.

  • 2021 - Tubitak 1507 Scientific Research Grant


    We received a scientific research grant under the Tubitak - 1507 (SMEs R&D grant scheme) to develop an advanced-testbench for collecting high precession data of electric propulsion systems.

  • 2021 - İTU Çekirdek City Technology Program


    We got accepted to join #TeknolojikKentler Program for entrepreneurs developing technologies that will add innovation to Turkish cities for our AIRGO post-disaster initiative.

  • 2021 - Istanbul Teknofest Event


    Semai's first public appearance since its foundation, to exhibit their innovative design ideas and promote technology culture in Turkey.

  • 2021 - Product Release (DYNOTIS)


    DYNOTIS is an electric propulsion system dynamometer for measuring and finding the most efficient motor-propeller combination for a given mission, released September 2021.

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