• Multi-purpose UAV 

  • Innovative zero-emission propulsion system,

  • Modular fuselage and wing structure,

  • High endurance and range,

  • Autonomous navigation system,

  • Multi-purpose UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that does not need a runway,

  • With changeable fuselage and pods, capable of carrying different types of payloads up to 50 kg,

  • Sales, maintenance, and spare parts service.

  • Rental service



Solution to Logistic Problems

Over the past decade, there has been an upsurge in pressure on traditional road transportation. In order to solve these challenges, the logistic industry requires an innovative and sustainable solution as an alternative to the overpressurized road logistics which has become inefficient due to the ever-increasing traffic. AIRGO is an unmanned aerial vehicle designed by experts to provide faster, more quality, and more cost-effective middle mile and premium logistic services to the end-user. it is an eVTOL UAV with a modular structure capable of carrying up to 50Kg payload, a range of 100Km per load, and an average cruise speed of 110km/h. 





Solution to Post Disaster Logistics 

Besides providing an innovative and sustainable solution for traditional transportation and logistical challenges, AIRGO can resolve conventional logistics and transport challenges faced by domestic and international humanitarian organizations during a relief operation. In the aftermath of natural disasters, there is a need to transport first-aid and relief packages faster and more efficiently to the affected areas. There is already existing risk of delay in conventional road transportation on daily basis. This tendency becomes more severe aftermath of a disaster. Furthermore, natural disasters like earthquakes sometimes turn road transportation obsolete, and the sky becomes the only option. Our engineers are working on a conceptual model to mitigate these challenges by integrating aerial vehicles (AIRGO) in the humanitarian supply chain.