Agriculture’s inefficiency is not necessarily its destiny.....

At Semai Aviation, we have committed to contribute to the elimination of the following phrases from a farmer’s daily life by offering smart efficient agri-tech solutions.

  • Scarcity of food.
  • Product losses.
  • Inefficiency in the traditional agriculture.
  • Data confidentiality. 
  • farmers who have have stopped practicing agriculture.
  • and more.....

Our Solution

We are working to provide farmers with high efficient and affordable liquid fertilizer/pesticides spraying, solid seeds/feeds spreading, and powder spreading  Agri-UAV (SEMERE) direct sales and services on any geographical location in Turkey, and international sales to anywhere in the world. 


Design Merits 


SEMERE can help farmers to optimize the use of inputs (seed, fertilizers, water), to react more quickly to threats (weeds, pests, fungi), to save time crop scouting (validate treatment/actions taken). Furthermore, while we are aiming to produce more food, it is important to remain sustainable and provide a solution with lower footprints in the environment. The sustainability benefits of SEMERE  is summarized.

Sustainability Benefits